What Do We Have To Offer?

At Midvalley Sound when it comes to agricultural installs we’ve got you covered! We have a wide variety of products that can be beneficial as add-ons to your machinery. See what we have to offer and some of our previous work below.


Does your machinery need some sound for those long days? We’ve got just the equipment you need and the best installers to get it put in. We have a wide variety of products that can help make a long day in machinery a jam


Getting a glare? Is it a little too hot? Our window films can help with that, and they can make your machinery look pretty slick as well. If it has windows, chances are we cant tint those windows. Give us a call today for a quote


If an operator can’t see is that equipment safe? We can help with that! If your machinery operates in low light condition and needs some extra lighting we offer plenty of lighting solutions.

Communication is key and we have you covered there too! If your operators need to communicate we have plenty of CB solutions to get your team communicating in no time.

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